DocuMentor is a company that seeks to make the process of recording and archiving caretaker's activities and patient outcomes in one easy-to-use interface for maintaining compliance in an ever-changing world of legal requirements.

The presentation below was my final group project in my UX Course with Eleven Fifty Academy. It was a two-week project encompassing all the learning outcomes during the eight-week course, where we had two individual projects as well as a CIW certificate to earn.

I completed all three projects, passed the certification, and submitted this portfolio as part of my course completion.
The slides above were presented by me to a cohort of 75, plus DocuMentor's founders, as research into their existing product and what was identified as the primary concern to be addressed in a future update.

The Figma presentation can be found below, followed by a supplementary document provided to DocuMentor as well as the instructors of the course, to address additional ideas and thoughts about improving the product.
Below is the aforementioned document, with a title page and three pages of information with further detail on function and user needs.
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