Spectacle Communications
Here is a prototype I made for a fictional internet service provider, Spectacle Communications. This was a "full project in a week" scenario.

My goal was to make it easier to access a user's account or report an outage.

On most utility companies, they bury this under an Account button, and make the primary information about buying more services or bundles.

I didn't neglect real estate for a bundle ad, as that is just underneath the primary buttons of "Manage an Account" and "Report an Outage."

All of these objectives weren't done in a bubble.

I did an interview to see if there were pain points to address.
Interview with my dad. Assessed myself as well to see if I had any personal pain points.
I created a user journey map as well to see if there was any particulars I was missing during a user's journey to finding an internet service provider, as well as other services an ISP might provide.
Journey map of a cable company / service provider.
Having more time, I would have sketched out some wireframes using the Crazy 8s method.

Instead I went right into Figma and built out a prototype and got feedback.
Below is Bethany Shepard's video feedback, and my own notes to follow during the user test.
My notes on Bethany's feedback.
I also chose to user test my prototype on a second person—my good friend on the west coast, Scott Pillow. He provided great feedback as well.
My notes on Scott's feedback.
Having all this user research and data, I can now go back and tool the prototype to accomplish the goals the users and I set out for, as well as iterate to get it to a polished form that will engage stakeholders.
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