XYZ Learning App
This project is my first foray into User Experience (UX) Design.

It was a good test of new skills, such as:
• Persona Creation
• Empathy Maps
• Journey Maps
• Interviewing Users

User Persona
Empathy Map
Journey Map
Interview Notes
• How Might We? Questions
• Crazy 8s
• User Flows
• Wireframe Sketches
The How Might We? Questions I considered:

How might we be able to give some feedback to students auditing our class that isn't quite nothing but also isn't super detailed like you might get if you paid for the course?

How might we quell a student's concern about the quality of material?

How might we show students that our teachers / professors are true experts in their field? (Is there proof that the student can ask for and actually receive?) - This was an actual concern of mine during my time getting my bachelor's at Herron; sure, the school says this and that professor worked with these clients on these projects or these agencies, but I never saw any proof of it. I questioned it because I didn't feel like I was getting the help I needed or felt like anything they were saying was going to reflect the real world (much of it didn't).

How might we verify that a group project has everyone working equally, or at least equally for the role they are assigned? What if there's an issue with the leader of the group not delegating appropriately? What if they are unclear in the instruction to another peer for the work to be accomplished?

How might we adapt material over time to best fit a student's learning style? Is it possible to do so for all material? Can we provide an audio, visual, and reading experience for everything?

How might we address frustrations with our platform for those who are used to working around frustrations in their daily work or lives? Can we get permission for them to be videoed as we test a new function or service on our platform?

How might we better connect to the student who are self-learners or may not necessarily be vocal if there's a concern or issue? Could there be prompts along a reading assignment, say, if it's been sitting there idle for a while, can we do a small bouncing icon for a live chat?

How might we invoke curiosity beyond the taught material? Can we sustain curiosity past the class itself and into life's daily happenings? Will the student see the world a little differently while taking our classes?

Crazy 8s
Basic and Detailed User Flows
Wireframe Sketches
And lastly, here is the final result of this online classroom tool project:
Taking a user flow and prototyping a solution to the flow in Figma

It was the first time using Figma, so it was both learning the tool and making something usable for testing.
The actual Figma mockup of my wireframe sketches to prototype.
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